Create amazing products as (Mid/Senior) UX/UI Designer at DK&A

Dunning, Kruger & Associates (DK&A) is a digital product design and development studio. We help companies turn any idea into a real product with real business value.

These days we are looking for yet another wonderful designer to join our team in Wroclaw, Poland.

As a DK&A designer you will

  • Design digital products from A to Z for our customers in areas such as IoT, Automotive, Data Science, Mobility,  Health, …
  • Understand and shape product requirements together with our clients and help them see how they translate to user experience. We like running workshops and hope you do too.
  • Use existing user research or even conduct your own (if you can) to help drive product design strategy and roadmap. It’s easy to lose sight of people’s needs and we need you to be their voice at the table.
  • Create designs that communicate how the product will function and what it will look like. There are amazing tools these days for every step of the design process. We hope you know some of the best ones.
  • Do quick and informal user tests to help the product design go the right path.
  • Deliver production-ready, beautiful designs, assets or even parts of code (if you can) and oversee implementation. Software engineering is hard enough and we always strive to bridge the gap between design and implementation. And no, not every designer should code.
  • Participate in internal „company experience” projects where we try to make the best working environment possible.
  • Help with the sales efforts: propose how to help clients (and their customers) and estimate how much effort it will take.
  • Learn a ton from working together with world class designers and engineers, not to mention our clients. Half of DK&A is made up of designers. Now you know.
  • Be appreciated for the work you do trying to make people’s lives just a little bit better.
  • Lastly, help build the company culture by being your amazing self.



ul. Rzeźnicza 28-31
50-130 Wrocław

All you need to do now is mail to: (with your Portfolio and a CV) and we can have a chat over a cup of coffee at our studio in Wroclaw. We have really good coffee.

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