The Frictionless Experience

On May 2017, Virgin Hyperloop One had their first full test trial and it was a major success. They were able to accelerate their prototype sled to speeds of over 300 km/h in just 300 meters before braking.

Virgin Hyperloop One had proven itself and Hyperloop technology. They were seen by many Hyperloop observers as leading the technology. But because they had worked in secret, most people were unaware of their successes.

That’s when they got in touch with DK&A. It was time for them to convince investors, governments, and the public at large that Hyperloop was real, it deserved investment and excitement, and that Virgin Hyperloop One was the one to deliver it. The company wanted DK&A’s help with that challenge.

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Sharp Turn Ahead

The first era of mobile telecommunications was marked by what can retrospectively be called feature phones — devices made by former market leaders like Blackberry or Nokia, which relied on built-in software for its usability options. Then apps came onto the scene and the market share of those brands shriveled.

Much like with cell phones, Android Automotive presents an array of opportunities for monetization. The amount of data generated by cars — such as information about locations, wear-and-tear of parts, speeds etc. — can all be sold to advertisers. McKinsey already estimates that the automotive data industry will be worth $450-$750bn by 2030.

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