DK&A is a full-stack digital product agency guiding you from idea to impact. By integrating cutting-edge technology, e.g. generative AI like ChatGPT, with your products, we create exceptional, delightful experiences that give your brand a new edge and provide your customers with significant added value.

Reinventing Digital Products for a New Era

From strategic planning to technical implementation and deployment: Our approach is based on product thinking and customer-centric execution rather than technological hype.

Bespoke Product Development

Elevate your custom software with our AI integrations, tailored to your product’s unique requirements. Enhance your offerings with intelligent, adaptive, and efficient solutions.

Conversational UI Design
Natural language processing-powered applications
Customer service automation

Predictive analytics
Adaptive workflow automation
Content recognition and classification

CX, E-commerce & Loyalty

Revolutionize your e-commerce business by seamlessly weaving AI into the fabric of your online store. Maximize revenue, customer satisfaction, and efficiency with our composable solutions.

Personalized product recommendations
AI-enhanced dynamic pricing
AI-generated content and assets

Automating customer support
Sentiment analysis-driven customer insights
Adaptable inventory management

Design Leadership

The fourth industrial revolution might be powered by technology but will shaped by design. Real value for real, human customers requires a holistic, customer-centric approach to digital product development.

Organizational change management
Responsible AI implementation
Culture of learning

Inclusive & accessible design
Ecosystem-focused design strategies
Robust operational frameworks

The “I” is for Impact.

We recognize that enhancing customer experience through AI-driven solutions is a powerful way to generate real, lasting value. We’ll ensure you’re tackling the right challenges while providing all the essential tools and expertise needed to navigate the world of AI, from start to finish.

Ways to get started

There’s magic in beginnings. Here are a few ways for us to start your AI-powered journey with our support.

How to ensure long-term trustworthiness?

Ethical AI Product Design & Engineering

Our team will help you incorporate ethical AI principles into your digital product designs and engineering processes. We will work with you to create digital products that not only meet your customers' needs but also contribute to responsible AI development and usage.

Looking to develop existing products?

Unlock the Value of AI

Our Transformation Sprint is a collaborative process that identifies opportunities for AI integration within your existing product. In just three to four weeks, we'll together to pinpoint areas where AI can enhance user experience or functionality, and then prototype and test innovative AI-driven solutions to accelerate your product's growth and impact.

Don't know how to get started?

AI Potential Audit

Our AI potential audit is a targeted evaluation of your existing product, aimed at uncovering opportunities for AI-driven improvements or enhancements. By analyzing key aspects of your product, we'll identify actionable use cases for AI services, paving the way for optimized performance and an elevated user experience.

Ready to get started? Contact us and let's decide on next steps together.

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