Storytelling over complexity

Sales and marketing demos prove their worth when we need to explain something new and disruptive. At best, these showcases help visualize complex technical concepts, turning them into stories that people can understand and relate to.

Our strength lies in our understanding of digital products, allowing us to go beyond text and video and create immersive and interactive experiences. Our demos exist somewhere between simple marketing channels and the real product. Executed well, they can provide maximum insight for minimal risk and effort.

Spark interest

A successful product demo clearly communicates the value your product will create. It sets the context and employs applicable use cases.

Just as importantly – as even in B2B, engagement and purchasing are primarily driven by emotion – your demo should excite and delight your audience. We want to speak to your customer’s gut. Once we have honed in on the core of your product, we are able to choose the channels and technologies that will best capture what you want to communicate and draw people in.

Reach the right people

Your customers are an obvious part of your demo’s audience, but not the only people you could be targeting. Sometimes it takes a bit of storytelling to convince your own peers, and a demo can be a powerful tool for explaining a product within your company.

Demos are a low-risk opportunity to flesh out your prototype and test the market. With the right story and channels, visualizing your product can help you get buy-in from key partners and stakeholders.

The future of transportation

Transportation is changing rapidly, and the need to move people and goods with increased speed and efficiency has never been greater. Deutsche Bahn is betting big on innovation to solve this challenge, but the resulting technologies will only succeed if they’re paired with public acceptance.

This is where the Sensors4Rail project comes in. Working with a number of esteemed partners, we’ve helped showcase the possibilities landmark-based localization and sensor-based environment perception bring to the future of railways.

Florian Plank discusses the benefits of well-thought product demos.

Product demos are also a great way to gain internal traction and buy-in.

Find your focus

To discover the best way to present your product, we follow a simple recipe:

1 – Define your goals

What are you trying to achieve and how will you measure success? What constitutes an ideal outcome?

2 – Define your content

What information should customers and partners walk away with after experiencing your demo? Do you want to emphasize brand or facts, visual appeal or functionality?

3 – Define your channels

Taking your budget and other constraints into consideration, we will define a solution that works in your desired context and channels.