Kids have been playing, learning and exploring the outdoors wearing Reima clothes for more than 75 years. Today, Reima is the number one kidswear brand from Finland. Their sustainably designed and functional products are available in over 30 countries.

At DK&A, we have had the privilege to partner with Reima since the end of 2019. Over three years of working together, we’ve helped Reima refine their customer experience (CX) data strategy, shape and execute the Reima Friends loyalty program, develop a mobile app, and create a future-proof composable e-commerce platform.

What does this mean to Reima?

Reima has been able to grow the global Reima Friends community, strengthen customer relationships and accelerate its direct-to-consumer strategy. Setting the bar high for CX and digital channels, and consistently going above it has been a major driver of sales.

And the results?

The Reima app, the cornerstone of the Reima Friends loyalty program, topped the App Store charts on Black Friday. One-day sales through the app reached 100,000 euros. The Reima app has been downloaded over 150,000 times in total (45% on iOS and 55% on Android, until the end of March 2023) and has an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store.

Reima’s new composable e-commerce platform was rolled out to North America and Japan in the summer of 2022 and in early 2023 to Europe. It has delivered remarkable increases in organic traffic, conversion rates and average order value since the very first stores launched.

In addition to the impact on CX and the direct-to-consumer business, the partnership with DK&A has allowed Reima to gain design and product thinking maturity, strengthening Reima’s ability to innovate, imagine, and build digital products. The extended teams, including all of Reima’s digital design and engineering partners, work smoothly together in pursuit of Reima’s CX and loyalty vision.

We at DK&A are thrilled with the journey and the results we have accomplished together. screenshot

Digital business performance via customer focus

“CX is our strategic focus and we believe that is enabled by digital-first thinking and loyalty. We’ve made significant investments in shaping our omni-channel experiences in recent years working closely with key partners.”

- Johanna Sarviharju, Chief Experience Officer, Reima

Reima’s strategy is based on customer experience, sustainability and thinking digital-first. To enable sustainable international growth, it is crucial for Reima that their online store and mobile app run smoothly together with a wide range of connected services.

When it comes to digital product design and engineering, Reima relies heavily on their partners. Reima focuses on product leadership and digital customer experience, and collaborating closely with key partners who are all well aligned and understand the Reima way of designing and developing products. Openness, candor, flow and impact are common characteristics for all partners.

Why did Reima choose DK&A? Our approach to product design and engineering is both visionary and pragmatic.

"As a partner, DK&A is competent, flexible, empathic and innovative. They bring new perspectives, see the big picture and have a great sense in choosing the right people for our projects. They really provide value for money."

- Mikko Linnaluoma, Digital Programs Director, Reima

From customer data to frictionless experiences

DK&A’s collaboration with Reima is a story of an innovative clothing brand looking to better serve its customers in the digital world. With engaging, on-brand digital services, we’ve helped Reima strengthen customer relationships and improve business performance.

CX-driven data strategy

Our journey started at the source: understanding the consumers’ wants and needs. Specifically, we helped Reima define a CX-driven data strategy.

Our team helped Reima to map their consumer needs with business value and to analyze related data and capabilities. We connected the data strategy with customer value creation, and created a multi-year roadmap for developing the data capabilities and enablers for a better CX.

Reima Friends loyalty program

The strategy, together with the roadmap, served as a backbone for the next phase, where we helped Reima refine the vision for their loyalty program.

The main targets for the program were to increase customer lifetime value (CLV) and net promoter score (NPS) for loyal customers. The goal of Reima Friends was to be relevant to loyal members who have children under the age of twelve.

Together, we mapped the key elements that drive customer loyalty. Then we co-created a concept with those key elements to enable a lean and impactful loyalty program.

The result, Reima Friends, makes life easier for busy parents. It offers the best clothing for their kids, helps parents make more sustainable choices, and serves the best combination of service, expertise, and benefits. The data-driven loyalty program provides exclusivity, personalized recommendations, and delights.

For Reima, the program enables direct dialogue with the members of the loyalty community. This results in better data and insights, fueling further advances in customer experience and growth.

Reima App

As a natural extension to the loyalty program, we helped Reima transform its Weather App into a home base for customer loyalty.

Through the work done with the Reima Friends loyalty program, the application was rebranded as the Reima App. We augmented the app to enable omnichannel experiences and exclusive benefits, such as getting early access to designer drops and campaigns, and earning rewards.

The Reima App also makes it possible to buy and sell pre-loved Reima items. The app recommends products based on the customer’s preferences, which can be saved for future use.

Reima’s weather app was created for parents trying to decide what their children should wear. The enhanced Reima App still advises on how to dress up your kids based on the current weather – and does so much more.

The Reima App

From monolithic to composable e-commerce

The direct-to-consumer model was gaining traction, and the vision for Reima Friends across channels was becoming a reality. Next, Reima wanted to look into future-proofing its e-commerce architecture.

Working closely with Reima and other key partners, we co-created a plan on how to replatform from a traditional, monolithic e-commerce architecture to a composable content and commerce stack. The goal was to compose a cloud-native, scalable, and highly performant omnichannel solution.

The new e-commerce architecture is designed to support the vision for CX and loyalty, and to improve key KPIs across the funnel including conversion rates and sales. It is also designed to help shopkeepers and marketers shape on-brand experiences to the needs of each market.

Opting for an evolutionary approach, an MVP with the new architecture was ready to be piloted on selected markets within a few months from the start. And the results were positive early on. Following the replatforming, Reima saw a positive impact on store performance across all KPIs: organic traffic, conversion rates, revenue, and average order value. Moreover, the shopkeepers and marketers were pleased with their new, flexible toolset.

Following the encouraging results from the pilot, all European online stores were successfully re-platformed at the end of February 2023.

With the new composable platform, Reima can now deliver a seamless, on-brand experience across channels. For consumers, this means frictionless experiences – e.g. continuing on mobile what they left on the web and having similar personalization settings across channels.

"Our new global e-commerce platform, built on API-first approach, brings flexibility and ease of use for our shopkeepers and creators. This allows them to quickly adapt to changing market demands while consistently delivering a compelling customer experience that embodies our brand's identity. As a result, we have been able to accelerate our growth and strengthen our loyal customer base."

- Jonni Purho, Senior Product Owner, E-Commerce, Reima

A long-lasting partnership is built on trust and growth

Over the three years partnering with Reima, we have learned a lot. Working together has given us a unique perspective on Reima’s business, branded e-commerce, and loyalty. Our work has been guided by Reima’s CX and loyalty vision and business objectives.

We’ve reflected on progress and identified what could be done differently to reach better outcomes – and we’ve taken action. That has allowed us to work closely with Reima’s capability development, including product leadership and product thinking.

"DK&A has had a strong role in helping us shape our digital product thinking and how we could better collaborate across Reima and selected partners as one team, making the everyday experience frictionless for our customers."

- Mikko Linnaluoma, Digital Programs Director, Reima

Together with Reima and other key partners, we have built a well-rated, popular, and high-performing mobile application for Reima Friends. We have helped create a composable, highly performant, cloud-native and future-proof e-commerce platform. We have enabled accessible, consistent, on-brand experiences across the channels for Reima’s customers.

We have seen people across Reima’s extended team grow, deepen their expertise, and evolve as professionals. Each team member has contributed to making the collaboration more impactful.

And that’s just the beginning.

"For us at DK&A, having had the opportunity to help Reima with their direct-to-consumer strategy, CX and loyalty, and to work together to raise their product thinking maturity, ways of working and collaboration with so many stakeholders and partners – there’s a lot there. But it’s all built on trust and growing together.”

- Perttu Monthan, Business Architect and Account Lead, DK&A