BlueSwan Cryptocurrency Platform

BlueSwan needed a platform for aggregating cryptocurrency news and market data for industrial investors, a tool crucial for making quick decisions. DK&A developed the blockchain startup a platform which includes advanced analytical computations based on regulatory, market, and development factors.

Elektrobit Car Companion

DK&A built an application for Elektrobit that allows users to book an autonomous taxi with the wave of a hand.

In addition, Elektrobit wanted to impress OEMs with its ability to offer integrated travel experiences so DK&A built a companion app that allowed drivers to plan the trip, continue the experience in-car, and control some car features.

Video Contest Platform for TopSpot

Brands and sponsors constantly look for new ways to advertise their products and services. Social media proofed to be very successful in e-commerce to connect them with their fans and followers.

DK&A designed and engineered a social media video contest platform that allows the user to create competitions (comps) about anything and post videos into other people’s comps. Users can participate in public comps that anyone can enter, or choose to stick to private comps for just them and their friends.

Exsed activity tracking

UKK Institute asked DK&A to design and build a digital service for tracking personal activity and motivating users. Exsed allows people to monitor their physical activity as well as sleep quality and quantity.

DK&A designed and engineered the whole system for Exsed product, including iOS and Android apps, software for the Movesense BLE sensor to interact with mobile apps, backend for authentication, data storage and firmware management.

Maritime community Loki

DK&A designed and developed Loki, an open, free-of-charge maritime web service and community, created and maintained by the John Nurminen Foundation. Launched in 2016, Loki collects and shares stories, museum content and the best destination tips from citizens and organizations alike.

The idea is that Loki users publish in Loki information and stories that are interesting to anyone interested in the maritime life, culture and history.